False Alarm Part II

Just as an update, “Aunt Flo” showed up within hours of me taking the damned pregnancy test.  (Wasted money pisses me off!)

However, I’m still wondering what is going on…

  • my period is never late, but was 4 days late this month
  •  it finally arrived right after I took the home pregnancy test
  • I typically have a 4-day cycle.  Three days in, it has stopped, twice so far
  • I’ve still been feeling nauseous off and on
  • I’m still way more tired than usual

Should I take that second test?  Or is something else making my body act so damn wacky??



  1. Are you stressed? Sometimes that’s all it takes to throw your body off whack.

  2. I’m always stressed! LOL! Seriously though, I don’t think I’m any more stressed now than I have been in the last six months.

  3. womantowomancbe Said:

    i hate to suggest this, but could you be peri-menopausal? Some women go through the change quite early. I’d discuss this with your doctor and see. I don’t know much about it, just that it can make your cycle wacky.


  4. Anything is possible. Thanks for the input!

  5. Kim Said:

    I had no idea you even had another blog.. where do you find the time?

  6. @Kim: I don’t find the time usually. This is the blog I use when I need to get something off my chest.

  7. Storm Said:

    You can be pregnant and still have a period in the first trimester of pregnancy. This has happened to several women I know, incuding me.

  8. Storm Said:

    I forgot to add…

    Please go see the doctor. If you are never late and not pregnant, there it can be something as simple as stress or something more serious.

    Prayers being said.

  9. dette Said:

    I was gonna say the same thing: STRESS

    But ironically, I took the same dang test last week!!! I hadn’t been feeling well and the nausea in the AM was really throwing me curve balls.

    So, why was I somewhat disappointe/relieved when it came out negative? lol – just the mere thought of it does that to you, doesn’t it?

    lol – who am I kidding? I couldn’t handle any more than the 3 I have!!

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