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False Alarm Part II

Just as an update, “Aunt Flo” showed up within hours of me taking the damned pregnancy test.  (Wasted money pisses me off!)

However, I’m still wondering what is going on…

  • my period is never late, but was 4 days late this month
  •  it finally arrived right after I took the home pregnancy test
  • I typically have a 4-day cycle.  Three days in, it has stopped, twice so far
  • I’ve still been feeling nauseous off and on
  • I’m still way more tired than usual

Should I take that second test?  Or is something else making my body act so damn wacky??


False Alarm

My body runs like clockwork–I am never late. This month though, I was four days late! I was sure I was preggo.

I had some mixed feelings over that concept. If I were planning to have a baby, this certainly wouldn’t be the time I’d choose. However, I also believe that things happen as they are meant to, so if I was pregnant, it was meant to be.

Took the test last night, and this was the result we got…
Negative Pregnancy Test

I was very disappointed.

Apparently four days is long enough to begin to imagine your life changing–and liking the idea–a lot. To overlook (at least temporarily) the fears and doubts of becoming a mother again at the age of 40. And to start dreaming of holding that little bundle in your arms…soothing him or her when they cry…seeing the first smile, the first step… *sigh*

What’s meant to be will be…